Varlyndria 2017 Future Development Blog

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Varlyndria 2017 Future Development Blog

Post by Drakiyth on Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:03 pm

Varlyndria 2017 Future Development Blog - Subject to change

- Add Class Areas with Path choice NPCs similar to the original.
- Class Areas will not be in the middle of a town or remove important NPCs. They will be on the outskirts or in another area.
- Class Areas and Path NPCs will be working off the alt currency system.
- Example: Do a quest for the Slayer Path NPC and be rewarded with Marks of the Slayer which can be traded in for items and spells.
- Paths will have stuff to memorize along with base EQemu skills and spells.
- Paths will also gain items that could have click effects.
- Paths will have a scaling Charm Item that is used as a reagent for path spells. (like Varlyndria: Ascension)
- I will not be spending weeks developing forum artwork for paths as its not really used in the game where most players will be.
- Goal is to make paths fun but not the main focus on the server. Content is very important too.
- Damage numbers and balance will be carefully looked at. The goal is to not get carried away with big numbers.
- Bring back a lot of old nostalgic zones and make 2017 very close to the original but hopefully better.


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